Top Anti-Tan Ingredients from Your Kitchen


Skin tan is one of those things that some people admire and others abhor. Regardless of how you feel about tanning, there will definitely be a time when you will want to remove your tan. Fortunately, it is pretty simple to do with some common kitchen ingredients. A sun tan is basically what happens when your skin is dried out and damaged by the sun. To treat it, you need to remove the dead skin cells and rehydrate your skin using the foods listed below.

Tomatoes are great resources for removing your tan. It doesn’t just help you remove dead skin cells and reduce the tan, but it also helps to bring back your skin’s natural glow. Tomatoes don’t just stop there, it is a natural sunscreen, so it can prevent you from getting a tan in the first place and prevent sunburn and subsequent aging signs.

Yogurt helps you to remove dead skills. It not only removes the skin cells, but it actually helps to tighten up your pores and lock in moisture. You can use it as a paste that you let dry on your skin or form it into a scrub by combining it with flour.

Lemon is loaded with vitamin C, which is a natural tan removal agent. Applying it is as simple as slicing a lemon and rubbing the lemon across your skin. Just wipe off the juice when you’re done. The citric acid content of lemon is also great for tan removal and lightening skin marks.

Turmeric has over 300 antioxidants which makes it a skin treatment powerhouse. Your skin wants nothing more than to absorb some turmeric. It helps to tighten your skin, even out your pigmentation, and remove dead skin cells to diminish your tan. Turmeric powder in insulated food containers are quite common in most Indian kitchen cabinets, and it is great for taking care of your skin as well.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is normally thought of as a way to treat burns and soothe the pain and inflammation they cause. But it is also capable of reducing your tan. You just have to apply as a gel, and watch its magic take place.

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