Home Remedies for Gum Problems

Home Remedies for Gum Problems

Gum inflammation and pain can be quite a hassle. The symptoms may be bad breath and tender and bleeding gums. These should not be ignored and you should visit your dentist immediately. There are certain home remedies that will provide you some relief from gum pain. 

Treating Gum Pain

  • Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera gel has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Rub some fresh Aloe Vera gel on the gums and rinse. 
  • Take vitamin C. Consume foods that are rich in vitamin C such as cranberry juice. They are very effective in treating gum pain. 
  • Salt water rinse: In a cup of warm water, add 1 tsp of salt and mix well. Gargle and rinse. Do not swallow the water. This will prevent the growth of bacteria which will provide relief from the pain. You can also use a hot compress. Soak a clean cloth in hot water (not boiling). Squeeze the extra water and gently put the damp cloth on the face near the area where you experience gum pain. Do not place the cloth directly on the gums. 
  • Oregano, Clove, and Peppermint oil are natural pain relievers. 
  • Anti-bacterial sea salt is a popular remedy that provides relief from inflammation of the gums and pain. Gargle with a solution of water and sea salt. 
  • The application of tea tree oil also helps to soothe the tender gums as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Remember to not ingest the oil, however, as essential oils are toxic.
  • Gargle with chamomile tea. This will provide relief from gum pain as it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
  • Black tea is a powerful antioxidant and is very effective in treating inflammation and pain of the gums. Place a cool teabag against the gums for approximately 5 minutes. This will provide relief from the pain.

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