Here’s How You Can Know If You’re Iron Deficient

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Iron deficiency is a common condition that is experienced by both men and women though women are at a greater risk than men. Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin and iron deficiency leads to anemia. 

Some Signs of Iron Deficiency

Some symptoms of iron deficiency can be: you might feel exhausted or tired as lesser oxygen reaches your tissues and the body lacks the energy that it needs. 

You might become irritable and weak. In women, the period flow might also be heavy. This could be due to iron deficiency. Some people might also develop a pale appearance as hemoglobin provides red color which gives the skin a pinkish tone. So, if you are iron deficient, you will look pale. Such people also experience shortness of breath when climbing the stairs or during normal workouts. 

Your heart might feel pounding which could also be on account of iron deficiency. You can feel headaches as when the body is deficient iron, less oxygen is supplied to the brain which could be the cause of headaches. Some people crave for dirt, clay, and even paper. They can experience increased anxiety levels as well.

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How to get rid of iron deficiency 

  • You should take a diet that is rich in iron. Lentils, chicken, nuts, chickpeas, spinach, and beef are rich sources of iron. 
  • Consume foods that help the body absorb more iron. This includes strawberries, orange juice, and broccoli. You should also consume vegetables that contain vitamin C as all these help the body to absorb more iron. This will help treat the condition. 
  • You can have yogurt to which turmeric has been added. 
  • Green leafy vegetables should be consumed as much as possible. These pack in lots of iron and other nutrients. 
  • The juices of beetroot and pomegranate are excellent blood purifiers. Pomegranates are very rich in iron, potassium, and copper while beetroots are very rich in folic acid. 
  • Remember to consult your doctor who’ll be the best judge in case you are worried about being iron deficient!

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