Your baby’s diet and whole grains: everything you need to know

Whole grains are great sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber and are an essential part of a child’s diet. There are several different shapes and sizes when it comes to whole grains. Experts recommend that whole grains should be a child’s most important source of energy. It is a great idea to replace refined food ingredients with whole grains when…

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Milk alternatives for your toddlers and when to use them

You shouldn’t be feeding your toddlers any milk alternatives without consulting with your doctor first. This is because such alternatives will not necessarily supply the same essential nutrients as milk to the toddler. Doctors will suggest milk alternatives when the toddler is allergic to lactose or the other compounds that are present in cow’s milk.  Milk alternatives and what you…

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Is there a need for multivitamins for your toddler?

Multivitamins are dietary supplements that include vitamins and minerals. However, is there a need for young kids to take multivitamins? Let us ponder over this question in greater detail.  Are Multivitamins Needed for Toddlers?  Most healthy toddlers should not take multivitamins. This is because they will obtain all the essential nutrients from the food they eat. In fact, experts believe…

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