Is there a need for multivitamins for your toddler?

Multivitamins are dietary supplements that include vitamins and minerals. However, is there a need for young kids to take multivitamins? Let us ponder over this question in greater detail. 

Are Multivitamins Needed for Toddlers? 

  • Most healthy toddlers should not take multivitamins. This is because they will obtain all the essential nutrients from the food they eat. In fact, experts believe that the nutrients that are naturally derived from the food we eat are the best. 
  • Ensure that your child eats his/her means regularly and is growing properly. No multivitamins will be necessary this way.
  • Children can be very picky about what they eat but this does not mean they will suffer from nutritional deficiencies and must take supplements. Nearly all common foods that your toddler eats, including orange juice, breakfast cereal, and milk are fortified with vitamins, iron, and calcium.
  • You should never give your child any multivitamins or nutritional supplements without a doctor’s consultation as excessive consumption of such supplements can be potentially toxic to your kid. Furthermore, these supplements are also known to interact with the other medications your kid might be taking so it is important to talk to your doctor.
  • Multivitamins are recommended by doctors in the case of developmental delays, food allergies or chronic diseases. 
  • If your doctor does recommend a multivitamin for your kid, ensure it suits your child’s age group and that it does not provide nutrition exceeding the daily recommended values. 
  • If you are vegan yourself, do not put your kid on a vegan diet without consulting with your doctor first who will be the best judge and will advise safe practices for a vegan regime for kids. 
  • Ensure that your kid eats a healthy and balanced diet which can meet all nutritional requirements for proper growth and development. Such foods will also keep their digestive system healthy. 

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