Are Coffee Shots Good For Your Migraine?

coffee for migraine

Some people may not know, but there is a pretty interesting piece of folk wisdom out there that suggests drinking a little bit of coffee can reduce or eliminate a migraine. Yes, there is another potential pro or con for the great coffee health debate. Coffee and its signature compound, caffeine seem to continuously be in an undecided state. Some…

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How can Coffee prevent Liver Damage

Coffee Benefits on Liver

A lot of research is done about the adverse effects of caffeine on the body including insomnia, aggravated irritable bowel syndrome, palpitations, restlessness, and even addictions. However, further studies have also proven coffee to be beneficial when it is consumed moderately. After decades of research, various aspects of coffee has been brought into the light. Coffee not only makes you…

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Did You Know Cherries Are Good for Your Health?


Cherries are fun to eat fruits that are the highlight of spring and summer. They aren’t just delicious however; they are also packed with vital nutrients that produce some pretty fantastic health benefits. Keep on reading to learn more about cherries and their health benefits.  Cherries and Their Health Benefits The basis for the many health benefits of cherry fruit…

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