Kale and Why it’s One of the Healthiest Vegetables Around

Health Benefits of Kale

Leafy green vegies are all the rage nowadays, mostly because there is a new and growing wave over eating healthy. Out of all the leafy green vegetables that are being eaten today, it is safe to say that kale is one of the best and healthiest options. Not only is it healthy, but it actually surprisingly versatile. A person can eat kale a wide variety of ways: smoothie, salad, replacement for lettuce, etc. Basically, any dish that calls for a leafy green veggie can replace those veggies with kale. Keep on reading to learn what makes kale so healthy.

What is Kale?

Kale is a vegetable that is a member of the Brassica oleracea species, which includes such superstars as, broccoli, savoy, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, cabbage, and kohlrabi. But out of all the aforementioned veggies, kale is most closely related to collard greens.

Although kale is a rising star in the current health food world, it has been a part of Mediterranean cuisine since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Although the plant was probably eaten less for its health food benefits at that time. Kale was more likely cultivated for its hardiness and ability to grow in unfavorable conditions.

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Health Benefits of Kale

Although the Greeks may not have cared about the health benefits of kale, the current world of health and wellness does. There are multiple health benefits to be had from consuming kale:

Hair Care

Kale contains a healthy supply of vitamins and minerals, specifically, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. All three of these nutrients help to stimulate hair growth.

Skin Care

Kale contains several flavonoids like, lutein and zeaxanthin. The flavonoids can neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress that can harm the skin.

Weight Loss

Kale has also been known to boost a person’s metabolism. The vegetable is also low in calories which makes it perfect for helping people to lose weight.

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