How consuming fish can lower the risk of bowel cancer

fish lowers risk of bowel cancer

People who have weaker stomachs or who come from a family of cancer in the genealogy are prone to bowel cancer in a very large number. It also sums up to the fact that the eating habits, in general, are quite the opposite to what can be called “healthy” or “hygienic”. Fish has always known to be the healthiest amongst all meats out there for its extraordinary nutritional properties. Being rich in omega fatty acids and proteins, fish is everything “perfect”. Recent studies have shown fish to lower the risk of bowel cancer.

Reasons to consume more fish:

  • When research based on fish consumption was carried out, it was found that people who enjoy eating fish on a regular basis had a 12% lower risk of developing bowel cancer.
  • Bowel cancer has been the fourth most common cancer in the UK, and it is on an exponential rise over the globe.
  • It was also found that people who nearly consumed 359.1g of fish a week had the 12% upper hand rather than people who only consumed 63.49g a week. So basically it is all about more of fish consumption.
  • The main ingredient in fish which led to such a profound impact was omega-3. So a test was conducted on people for the intake of omega-3. It was the same. Higher the intake of omega-3, lesser the risk of bowel cancer. 
  • The study also found that young people, young adults are prone to this cancer than people over 50.
  • Bowel cancer has been on a rise mostly due to inflammatory properties in the bowel which fights its way to create cancer cells. So the omega-3 exclusively found in fish has known to have a protective effect on via its anti-inflammatory properties.

Consuming at least three portions of fish a week can have a profound impact on your bowel system and also your body. If you are someone who doesn’t like fish very much, then just try out different recipes until one works out for you.

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