Making Lifestyle Changes? Here are Foods that Increase the Risk of Cancer and You Need to Avoid

Cancer is what happens when your DNA and genes mutate, and your cells reproduce incorrectly. There are lots of things that can cause this: carcinogens, obesity, radiation, hormones, smoking, viruses, chronic inflammations, etc. We’re used to thinking of these as outside sources, but they’re actually present in the food we eat. Below, are some foods that are known to cause…

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Obesity is Linked to 3.9 Percent of Global Cancer Cases: Here Are Some Effective Weight Loss Diets


Obesity is a health condition that is affecting more and more people in the world. This is especially true as the popularity of processed and high sugar foods increases. This isn’t just bad because of the negative effects of obesity. Obesity has also been linked to cancer, making it extremely deadly. Below are some effective weight loss diets you can…

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Adolescent Obesity Leads to Increased Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Adulthood

adolescent obesity

Pancreatic cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the world. It is the 6th most deadly cancer globally. It is the 12th most commonly occurring cancer in males and the 11th most commonly occurring cancer in females. In 2018 alone, 460,000 new cases arose. Recent studies have shown that there is a correlation between adolescent obesity…

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