Blood Pressure: How Eating Guava Helps

High blood pressure, more commonly known as hypertension, is a condition where the blood is exerting too much pressure against the arterial walls. This is a not a condition that occurs at a singular point in time, it is a long term condition that can result in some serious health issues over time. Some of the worst are stroke, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, and chronic kidney disease. Although hypertension can be pretty bad when it happens, you can definitely take steps to prevent it or even curb it.

The best step you can take to handle high blood pressure is to adjust your diet. Like most things, your diet plays one of the biggest roles in improving your health. You are what you eat in a very real sense. One of the best foods to include in your diet to get a hold on your high blood pressure are guava fruits.

Guava fruit has a lot of potassium in it which can help counter act one of the larger causes for hypertension, which is a potassium deficiency. Diets that do not grant the body a lot of potassium can actually increase your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and hypertension.

You don’t just get potassium from eating guava. You also get loads of vitamin C; guava has four times the amount of vitamin C that you will find in oranges. The vitamin C does not lower your blood pressure levels necessarily. It helps to strengthen the lining of your blood vessels helping them function better with high levels of blood pressure.

You can’t get the benefits of guava juice just from eating it once in a while. Try drinking guava juice every day or eating it with some of your meals as a regular side dish.

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