The Foods that Help in Coping with Jet Lag

Today’s world is all about communication and transportation. We are growing closer and closer to one another every day. You can hop on a flight and be halfway across the world in a matter of hours; it is truly amazing. While it is in fact, a supremely amazing method for transportation, it is not perfect. There is a price to pay for every good thing. And the price to be paid for international travel is jet lag.

When we travel between multiple time zones in a matter of hours, our internal clock can get off beat You have probably experienced this sensation; it typically has you feeling exhausted or fatigued but not being able to actually sleep. Jet lag is typically a temporary condition; your body will adjust on its own after being gone for a few days. But while it is only temporary you may not always have the time for your body to make the adjustment. You can actually help your body narrow the window that it is suffering from jet lag by eating certain foods.

Foods to eat to get rid of jet lag

The best way to get rid of jet lag is to resync your body’s biorhythms. Try fasting before your flight and saving your first meal for when you land. Besides adjusting your feeding schedule, you can eat certain foods:

Veggies and more veggies

When dealing with jet lag, you want to make sure to get a lot of dietary fiber. This is great because traveling can throw off your digestive system. The fiber content in vegetables will help to stabilize and regulate your digestive system which will help you sleep.

Eat proteins and healthy fats

Traveling through multiple time zones can make your digestive system unstable. Eating protein and healthy fats before flying can give your body a lot of slow burning energy which will help you make that adjustment easier when you land.

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