Why You Should Eat Organic when Pregnant

An expecting mother to be has to be more concerned than ever about diet. What you eat while you’re pregnant will have a major impact on you and your child’s overall health. The effect is not necessarily mild either; some of the more serious developmental disorders can be caused by a bad pregnancy diet. Therefore, it is more important than ever that expecting mothers take the extra time to learn what to eat and how to eat correctly.

There are a lot of information and opinions out there concerning what is appropriate and necessary for a soon to be mom’s pregnancy diet. There is enough disagreement between the experts that it cannot be entirely covered in this article. Regardless, of which food you believe you should be eating while pregnant, one thing is for sure, organic food is always the way to go.

What Is Organic Food?

The most basic definition of organic food is food that has been grown without being exposed to outside chemicals. Organic food is great for a couple reasons: 1) It is healthy for the environment. 2) It does not expose your body to chemicals.

The former is a bonus as far as you and your child’s health is concerned. But the latter, is actually very significant. Food is grown with the use of lots of pesticides and antibiotics that you do not want to expose your developing child to. It is important that you minimize your unborn child’s exposure to chemicals and agents that you are unaware of. You can easily cause unintentional harm to your child that way. On top of eating organic food, try to avoid eating canned and prepackaged foods. They also come with extra additives that can be potentially harmful.

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