How Safe is it to Use Olive Oil During Pregnancy?

In this world there are some things that are too good to be true (like cake that tastes great and makes you lose weight). Sometimes, olive oil seems like it might be one of those things. There are very few downsides to using olive oil in your regular cooking, especially in comparison to using vegetable oil. Instead of there being very many downsides, there are actually more than enough benefits to using olive oil in your day to day cooking. This is especially true during pregnancy. It is fairly common for certain foods that we normally view as healthy to become less healthy, if not downright dangerous during pregnancy.

Thankfully, olive oil is not one of the foods that does this; olive oil should actually be a major component of your pregnancy diet because of its amazing health benefits:

  1. Vitamin E
    Olive oil is not the most amazing source of vitamin E, but it has a high resistance to oxidation, making it a great vitamin E source for pregnant women. The wonderful vitamin is responsible for helping your child to adapt to an oxygen filled environment (outside of the womb).
  2. Great For Fetal Development
    The omega-3 content found in olive oil is the perfect thing for your child’s early development. These fatty acids play a vital role in keeping your baby’s heart healthy and improving its brain functionality.
  3. Minimizes Stretch Marks
    Stretch marks may just be a superficial problem, but there’s no reason to just let them reside on your body. Incorporating olive oil into your diet is a great way to help your stretch marks fade quickly. If you make sure to dutifully apply olive oil to your expanding stomach region while pregnant, you can even avoid developing stretch marks entirely.

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