How Eating Out a Lot Can Affect Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension, more commonly known as blood pressure, is definitely a condition that you should be paying attention to. High blood pressure is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease associated with death. There are many different groups who are at risk for hypertension, even amongst young people. Some studies have given evidence that young adults with slightly elevated blood pressure are at an increased risk of hypertension. That means you have to start monitoring your blood pressure as early as possible. One of the things you will have to watch is eating out.

Eating out in restaurants can actually increase your blood pressure and result in hypertension. This is primarily due to the fact that food served in restaurants is typically higher in saturated fat and sodium. These are two nutrients that can lead to elevated blood pressure and eventual cardiac arrest or stroke.

While eating out can definitely be problematic, you can absolutely learn to eat out in a way that won’t increase your blood pressure.

How to eat out and not affect your blood pressure

Foods to eat

  • Grilled, boiled, or roasted meat items
  • Sides of fresh fruits and veggies
  • Sodium free spices and herbs such as garlic, basil, curry powder, cumin, etc.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable toppings on pizza and burgers
  • Fresh sorbet and fruit for dessert

Foods to avoid or limit

  • Fried, cured, processed, or smoked meats
  • Condiments with lots of sugar and sodium, such as ketchup or mustard
  • Majority of soups
  • Additives such as MSG
  • Carb heavy dishes like rich pilaf, charcuterie plates, or casseroles

Once you learn to distinguish the proper dishes to order, you will find it easier to regulate your blood pressure. You will be able to go eat out with friends and family without worries.

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