Skin Care in Summers: Home Remedies to Try

Summers are difficult times indeed when it comes to managing skin health. While the scorching sun takes a toll on the skin, pollution and dust add to the woes by clogging skin pores. What’s more, the hot winds will ensure that even more damage is caused. In a nutshell, summers can leave your skin dehydrated and lifeless in no time. 

What should you do then to protect your skin from the sun and the agents of damage? We highly recommend following some good old grandma’s home remedies which will keep all summer skin problems at bay. There is no need to resort to the use of the expensive moisturizers and cosmetics sold in supermarkets which are also laden with toxic chemicals and are responsible for animal cruelty, when all you need are a few harmless ingredients from your kitchen! 

Home and beauty remedies for summers

  • Wash your skin often with cold water to remove all dirt, dust, debris, and chemicals sticking to the skin pores. It is also recommended to use cold milk applied to a cotton ball to cleanse the skin gently. When you head out in the scorching summer sun, do not leave without some sunscreen.
  • The combination of yogurt and honey is a very powerful one and will help cleanse the skin. Leave these on for some 10 minutes to get clear, glowing skin in summers. 
  • A blend of lime and honey can work wonders when it comes to removing tan from the skin. Make sure you leave it so for some 20 minutes before washing off gently with cold water.
  • Aloe vera is a remarkable gift of nature which comes to your rescue during the summers. You can also freeze aloe vera cubes and apply them on your face when you come indoors after exposure to the sun. 

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