Should you eat dragon fruit during pregnancy?

Dragon fruit is a popular fruit which has its origins in South America. It is also found in the Indian subcontinent. The fruit has a scaly outer layer and taste sweet along with a slight tangy flavor. The inner texture of the fruit is similar to kiwi as there is a presence of black colored seeds inside both kiwi and dragon fruit. The other name for dragon fruit is pitaya.

Dragon fruit is very nutritious and has a lot of carbohydrates present which will provide the much-needed energy to a pregnant woman. The consumption of dragon fruit is safe during pregnancy as it has numerous benefits for you and the baby. Your doctor will be the best guide in recommending whether you should be consuming dragon fruit and the right quantities of dragon fruit you should be eating during pregnancy.

Health benefits of dragon fruit during pregnancy

  • Dragon fruit contains monounsaturated fats which are required for the proper formation of brain in the fetus.
  • It will also provide energy to the pregnant women as it is a storehouse of energy.
  • It is also known to prevent cancer as it contains antioxidants, vitamin C, lycopene, and beta-carotene. All these will prevent the growth of unfounded tumors.
  • Dragon fruit will keep the infections caused by microbes at bay.
  • It is also known to relieve constipation in pregnant women. Regular consumption of the fruit will make the digestive system work smoothly.
  • Dragon fruit also contains iron and it increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. This, in turn, will reduce the chances of anemia.
  • Dragon fruit also comprises of calcium and phosphorous which are required for the proper development of the bone structure.
  • You should include dragon fruit in your diet during pregnancy as it has numerous health benefits and no significant health risks. However, it is strongly recommended to consume dragon fruit only after consulting your doctor.

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