Should you drink soft drinks during pregnancy?

Many women resort to drinking soda and fizzy drinks during pregnancy. Mothers who prefer alcohol often switch to soft beverages during pregnancy. They do not realize that these soft drinks have an adverse effect on them and their baby. You should abstain from the consumption of any soft drinks when pregnant. In fact, it is best to drink milk, milkshakes, and fresh fruit juices. Energy drinks, caffeinated drinks, and sodas are best avoided. 

Health risks of drinking soft drinks during pregnancy

The following are some health risks associated with the consumption of soft drinks during pregnancy.

  • Colas and other soft drinks often contain caffeine which can be potentially toxic to the baby. Caffeine can cause dehydration and is also passed on to the baby through the placenta.
  • It is also important for the stomach to maintain its temperature during pregnancy. However, the consumption of cold drinks can suddenly change temperature resulting in indigestion and increasing the chances of a miscarriage.
  • Colas have lots of sugar. This will increase the sugar level in the blood which could lead to obesity and can adversely affect the baby which could lead to congenital disability and miscarriage. 
  • They also have high pressure carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide present in the drink will cause severe back pain and can also increase blood pressure.
  • Also, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are added to these drinks which can cause disabilities in the baby. Diet soda consumption is more harmful than the consumption of plain soda during pregnancy as plain soda has high levels of sugar but diet soda had harmful artificial sweeteners added to it. 
  • Phosphoric acid added as the flavoring agent will make the bones brittle and can be extremely harmful. 
  • The consumption of soft drinks could lead to obese babies. Limiting the amount of consumption of soft drinks or avoiding them altogether is strongly recommended.

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