Lemon: Does it help your hair?

The use of lemon is not limited to culinary. This citrus fruit is very rich in vitamin C and boosts the immune system while also reducing inflammation. Lemons possess bleaching properties and this is the reason why they are used in skin care and cleaning products.

Using lemons for hair care

  • Lemons are very beneficial when their juice is applied to the hair. Lemon juice creates a shining texture and naturally lightens the hair. It also reduces dandruff and oil in the hair.
  • As lemon juice is a natural bleach, it lightens the color of the hair. To get a shiny hair, mix 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with lemon juice and apply evenly to your hair. Allow it to remain for some time and finally rinse with water.
  • When the scalp is dry, you suffer from dandruff. Apply lemon juice to the scalp and hair. Let it remain for some time and finally rinse properly. Lemon juice will absorb excess oils and prevent dandruff.
  • Lemon juice does not damage your hair.
  • You can also sit in the sun after applying lemon juice. Lemon juice will not make your hair dry.
  • You can also mix lemon juice with your conditioner and apply to your hair. Leave the mixture for approximately 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The result is that you get a shimmery look!
  • You can also mix lemon juice with coconut or olive oil and massage your scalp. This will stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. The vitamin C present in lemon juice will strengthen the hair.
  • For the best results, you need to massage your hair regularly. Drinking lemon juice will flush out the toxins from the body and keep your hair healthy and strong.

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