Is it Safe to Consume Wine When You Have Gout?

Liquor and beer are known to be risk factors which increase the condition of gout. Gout is the common way in which inflammatory arthritis manifests itself. Studies show that wine increases gout attacks. Excess uric acid gets collected around the joints in the ankles, knees, wrists, big toe, and elbows and this causes gout. The collection of uric acid causes swelling, redness, and extreme pain. The number of persons that are affected is continuously on the rise mainly due to lifestyle factors and obesity.

Liquor and Gout Risk

  • The kidneys of those with gout fail to excrete the excess uric acid as a result of which it gets collected in the joints.
  • Research has shown that the risk of gout increases with the consumption of liquor, wine, and beer.
  • The consumption of more than 2 drinks a day increases the risk by 36%.
  • Wine is considered to be the most significant trigger.
  • 2 glasses of wine in 24 hours raises the risk of gout attacks by 138%.
  • Every patient has a different consumption limit but abstaining from alcohol will certainly remove the risk of a gout attack.
  • Also, you need to keep your weight under control.
  • Regardless of the type of alcohol— be it beer, wine or hard alcohol, all alcohol types increase the risk of gout attacks. Even if alcohol is consumed in moderate amounts, the risk increases.
  • Doctors suggest that patients who suffer from gout should definitely minimize the intake of alcohol.
  • Some food categories are also known to increase the risk of gout. These include processed foods and seafood.
  • Lifestyle factors including smoking are also known to increase the risk of gout attacks.

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