Keto-Friendly Diet Meal Plans for Weight Loss

Keto diet

If you are looking for a good diet that will help you lose weight in an efficient way, look no further than the keto diet, the popular diet plan that is taking the health and wellness world by storm. The keto diet is essentially a low carb, high fat diet, that not only promotes weight loss but also helps to treat various other medicinal conditions.

Ketogenic Diet Basics

Keto diet is relatively simple diet when compared to other diets and meal plans. All a person really needs to do when attempting to start a keto diet is to avoid the wrong foods and eat the correct foods. In this case, avoid all carbs and focus on eating foods that are high in healthy fats and protein.

The fats will replace the carbs you cut and make up the majority of your caloric intake, up to 75%. The remaining part of your diet will be proteins, which will account for 20% of your energy needs. Carbs will make up the remaining

When you trade your carbs for fats like this, your body will burn its fat stores for energy. This is known as ketosis. Basically, the ketogenic diet is a weight loss plan that tricks your body into burning its own fat stores

Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

There are a lot of different ways to go about creating your ketogenic diet meal plan.  It’s a very versatile eating plan, but there are some general guidelines:

  1. Reduce carbohydrate intake to a minimum. Carbs shouldn’t make up more than 5% of your diet.
  2. Prioritize eating healthy fats and protein.
  3. Focus on eating eggs, poultry, fatty fish, meat, full fat dairy products, nuts and seeds, and non-starchy veggies.
  4. Avoid eating baked goods, sweets, pasta, starchy veggies, beans and legumes.

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