Obesity: It’s All About Your Diet

obesity and diet

Obesity is a disease that is currently affecting millions of people from around the world. It is defined by a person having a high body fat percentage or body mass index (BMI). A person with a BMI of 30 or higher is considered to be either obese or becoming obese. Although this disease is not immediately lethal, it will slowly degrade a person’s quality of life overtime. If left untreated, obesity can lead to extreme conditions such as, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, diabetes, and in the worst case, death.

Although obesity can be truly devastating for your health, it doesn’t have to be that way. A person can easily counteract, prevent, and even reverse obesity by subscribing to a proper diet and regular exercise.

Obesity and Diet

There are lots of good, healthy diets that you can subscribe to in order to counteract obesity. Generally speaking, any truly healthy diet will help you lose weight and counteract obesity. That being said, there are a few guidelines that every good obesity diet should adhere to.

  1. Avoid Fats
    Make sure that you are not sticking to a fad diet. These diets tend to be focused on fast weight loss, but do not teach people sustainable healthy eating habits. Most people will put on the weight they lost after they quit the diet.
  2. Eat Whole Grains
    Carbohydrates are considered to be the bane of weight loss because they are broken down and stored as fat inside the cells. But not all carbs are made the same. Whole grain carbs have all their nutrients, unlike processed carbs. Eating whole grains will keep you satiated longer, have you eat less overall, and give you all the proper nutrients you need to stay healthy.
  3. Replace Sugar with Fruits and Veggies
    Processed sugar is one of the biggest culprits for weight gain. Not only does it help you put on few pounds, but it is also a very addictive substance. The best way to remove sugar from your diet is to replace it with natural sugars that come from fruits and veggies

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