Is it safe to eat strawberries during pregnancy?

Strawberries are delicious fruits known for their unique tangy and sweet flavors. They are also rich in nutrients that have several health benefits. However, the question that remains is if you can safely eat strawberries during pregnancy. First things first: you should only eat strawberries or any other fruit for that matter during pregnancy if your doctor gives you the green signal. He/she will also be the best person to recommend the quantity of strawberries you can safely consume during pregnancy.

Health benefits of strawberries during pregnancy

Let’s examine some of the powerful health benefits of eating strawberries.

  • Strawberries pack in lots of antioxidants which can help neutralize free radical in the body. Strawberries can thus help keep cancer at bay.
  • Strawberries can help remove plaque from the blood vessels which can help lower the chances of heart disease.
  • Since strawberries pack in lots of vitamin C, they will boost immunity and will help keep infections at bay.
  • Strawberries can also help fight the damage caused due to aging.

Health risks associated with strawberry consumption during pregnancy

The following are some health risks that accompany excessive consumption of strawberries.

  • Strawberries are known to cause allergies in some. If you have a family history of allergy towards strawberries, you might have it too. Allergic reactions can be dangerous during pregnancy so consult with your doctor first.
  • It is best to avoid the consumption of products that use preserved strawberries such as jams.
  • Make sure you wash and clean strawberries well before you eat them. If you wish to enjoy the juice, make it at home.

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