Here’s why you feel less hungry during summers

Summers are difficult times indeed. Our body is constantly struggling to keep itself cool as the scorching sun pulls out all water. There are many studies that show that we feel less hungry in summers than in winters. The increasing heat evaporates water from the body. 

  • According to research, the amount of light has a direct impact on the food that we consume. When the light is less, the body craves for more food. 
  • In the summers, the body regulates the temperature by sweating to control heat. 
  • The digestive system also produces heat and is the reason why we feel less hungry during summers. 
  • On account of the heat, we drink more water which is another reason why we feel less hungry during summers. 
  • It’s rare that we crave steaming hot delicacies during the scorching summers. Cool drinks and fruits such as watermelon, muskmelon, mangoes, and fresh salads appear more enticing. 
  • Due to the heavy water loss, we crave liquids that can hydrate the body rather than heavy foods which will only increase the burden on the body. 
  • However, it is advised that you should not consume aerated drinks and soda. You should consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as coconut water which will replenish the lost electrolytes.
  • It is recommended to continue moderate exercise during summers so that your appetite is not reduced.
  • Summers are the best time for those who wish to lose weight. It is also the ideal time to indulge in hobbies such as swimming and other water sports. 
  • You can consume low-calorie and low-fat foods during summers. 
  • Summers also affect the body mass index (BMI) which can also contribute to a loss of appetite during the season.
  • During winters, the body temperature drops and the body needs to raise the temperature which results in the stimulation of hunger. During summers, the hypothalamus is busy in maintaining body temperature and it is less concerned with hunger which can lead to a lack of interest in foods.

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