Here’s What You Can Eat to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for more than just your libido. It also plays a role in your muscle and bone health, hair growth, and sperm production. Your testosterone levels can change due to your age, chronic illness or diet. Low testosterone can cause some real quality of life problems as well as health problems. If you are suffering from low testosterone, you should first see your doctor, but you should also check your diet. There are some foods you can eat to boost your testosterone levels.

Testosterone Boosting Foods


Tuna contains a great amount of vitamin D, which is great for testosterone production. One serving of tuna can meet all of your daily vitamin D necessities. It doesn’t have to be just tuna either. You can find vitamin D in just about any fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, or mackerel.

Milk with vitamin D

Milk is another great source of vitamin D. Just make sure to choose a brand of milk that is fortified with vitamin D. Your testosterone levels will benefit.

Egg yolks

You can also find vitamin D in egg yolks. Eggs are great sources of vitamin D because they are so versatile. You can include them in lots of different dishes without much struggle.


There might be a reason why oysters are considered to be an aphrodisiac. They are overflowing with zinc, an essential nutrient that is used in testosterone production. Checking to see if you have a zinc deficiency should be one of the first steps you take to correct a testosterone deficiency.


Turns out steaks are manly for a reason. They have just about everything you need to boost your testosterone levels, mainly vitamin D and zinc.

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