Herbal Remedies to Naturally Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Gymnema Sylvestre

It is an established fact that high blood sugar levels lead to all types of health issues. It can lead to heart attack, stroke, headaches, cancer, and most notably, diabetes. Therefore, it is important to take every step you can to regulate our blood sugar levels. You should of course commit to maintain a proper exercise and diet regimen. Avoid eating foods that will naturally raise your blood sugar levels, like sodas, processed sugar and carbs, vegetable oils, etc. But you can also take some extra steps to lower your blood pressure by including some herbal remedies in your diet. Read on to see what herbal remedies can help you lower your blood glucose levels.

Herbal Remedies to Regulate Your Blood Sugar Levels

1.Gymnema Sylvestre

This plant tackles the problem of high blood sugar levels directly; it is literally referred to as “sugar destroyer” in Hindi. You can consider this to be the true anti-diabetes herb. It is filled with gymnemic acids known as glycosides, which reduce the sensitivity of your taste buds to sweet things. This lowers your cravings for sugar. It also increases the enzyme activity in your cells which causes them to utilize excess glucose. And it can have positive effects on your insulin production.

Crush a teaspoon of this herb into a powder and mix it into your tea to make an effective tonic.


Ginseng has been treated as an immunity booster for hundreds of years now. Recent research has shown that it also has anti-diabetic properties. It has the ability to slow down the absorption rate of carbohydrates, which leads to cells using more glucose (and leaving less glucose in the blood). It also stimulates insulin production in the pancreas.

You can make a fantastic tea out of ginseng, by chopping it up and boiling it in water.

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