How Artificial Sweeteners Hinder Weight Loss

There is no question that refined sugar is bad for your health. For many people, it is the absolute bane of their attempts to lose weight. That’s why people spend billions of dollars a year on artificial sweeteners. But are they any better for your weight loss ventures than plain white sugar? It is not a simple question with a black and white answer.

Why Do We Think Artificial Sweeteners are Healthy?

We know why sugar is bad for you. It is filled with calories, and it is pure glucose, especially when it is refined. Your body stores excess glucose as fat, and when it can’t store anymore glucose, the rest will sit in your blood stream. This leads to diabetes and other nasty health issues. On the surface, artificial sweeteners are healthy because they aren’t sugar. They don’t load your body down with a bunch of calories, and they aren’t stored as glucose.

Why Are Artificial Sweeteners Not Healthy?

Artificial sweeteners can affect your weight loss in two distinct ways – a physical and psychological way. Physically, artificial sweeteners, like Splenda or Sweet’n Low, have been known to alter and inhibit your metabolism. They can also interfere with your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and compounds. Sucralose, the compound that makes these sweeteners sweet, can also alter the microbe environment of your gut. You need healthy bacteria in your gut to help you properly digest food. Finally, some research has suggested that artificial sweeteners can lead to diabetes via making you glucose intolerant.

Psychologically speaking, artificial sweeteners mess up your reward system. You are more likely to reward yourself for seemingly eating well after drinking your zero-calorie soda. It also exploits your addiction to sweet things and makes you even more sensitive to sugar. This will just increase your reliance on sugar overall.

Synopsis : Artificial sweeteners eventually help you gain weight. Whether due to physically altering your body or exploiting your relationship with food. Natural sweeteners like honey is your best bet instead of Splenda.

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