Here’s More Reason to Love Dark Chocolate

It is a rare thing to have something truly delectable be actually healthy as well. That kind of thing tends to go against the natural order of things. It seems to be so impossible that you can probably get away with comparing a healthy dessert (that you actually want to eat) to an actual unicorn. Well, to all the naysayers and doubters out there, it is time for them to learn about the wonderfulness of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is a bit different than the chocolate a lot of people are familiar with, which is milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is made using a milk-based butter, while dark chocolate is made using a cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is basically less diluted than the milk-based butter; it contains a percentage of cocoa that ranges from 60%-99% purity. The cocoa content is responsible for the bittersweet taste that is associated with dark chocolate. The lack of milk is responsible for dark chocolate’s dry and semisweet taste.

This focus on using as pure of cocoa as possible is what makes dark chocolate an actually healthy sweet that has health benefits you actually want to have. Eating dark chocolate on a regular basis can help you to lower your blood pressure, fight oxidative stress, improve your heart health, prevent the development of cancer, regulate cholesterol levels, improve brain cognition, and even help with your beauty regimen (you probably never thought it could be so wonderful to eat candy).

The only thing you have to be wary about when eating dark chocolate for its health benefits is portion size. Do not overindulge in the chocolate goodness just because it can be healthy. Remember, too much of even medicine could become poison.

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