Combat Climate Change by Changing Your Diet


The world is changing rapidly, especially when it comes to climate change. For years, people have speculated that researchers were wrong, but it is safe to say today that we can actively see the effects. Glaciers are melting, weather patterns are changing, storms are intensifying, etc. Quite frankly the effects of climate change can be terrifying and feel overwhelming. How do you make a dent in a disaster that is so huge in scale? Especially when it is being perpetuated by so many people and factors outside of your control. Well, it is not too late to reverse the climate change, and you even have the power to help. You can do this through some simple lifestyle changes that help you reduce your carbon footprint.

The simplest way to change your carbon footprint for the better and reduce greenhouse gases is to change your diet. There are certain foods you can eat – or not eat – to drastically affect your carbon footprint for the better. Specifically, you can reduce the amount of meat you’re eating, especially lamb and beef. The red meat industry is one of the largest contributors to methane gas. If America just exchanged beans for red meat once a year, it would reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 75.3 million metric tons.

Some people when they think of giving up beef get scared that they will have to change their entire eating style. That is not the case, there are plenty of great meat alternatives:


Tofu is probably the most iconic meat substitute available in the market. It is a soybean byproduct with a lot of versatility. You can make it taste however you want like chicken, lamb, beef, even goat. You can adjust its texture also and cook it in many different styles. Grill it, barbecue it, broil it, bake it, etc and serve warm from a casserole.

Beans have a stupendous protein content. While they may not taste just like meat, they will fill you up the way meat would.


Mushrooms not only have a high level of protein and fiber, but also have a texture that is similar to meat. You cannot cook them the way that you can cook meat, but you can adjust almost any meal to suit mushrooms in place of meat.

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