A Hot Cup of Tea Everyday Can Lower the Risk of Fractures


For the tea drinkers out there, it is time to celebrate; there is another reason to choose tea over coffee. The age-old debate can finally be put to rest – for today. New research heavily suggests that drinking tea habitually can actually result in higher bone density; especially in women. Tea can even help to lower the risk of receiving bone fractures which is something we all fear as we head into our retirement. It only takes one fall to completely devastate your quality of life. But it turns out a lifetime of drinking tea is just a thing to safeguard against that.

Research at Peking University in Beijing China has discovered that people who have drunk green tea daily for over 30 years have a lower rate of bone fractures. This is according to hospitalization records.  The study looked at 453,625 random people from the China Kadoorie Biobank, and their records concerning hospitalized fractures. The study determined that people who drink green tea regularly have an overall 12% lower risk of receiving fractures. The percentage risk of not getting fractured increases the longer you drink it. For example, people who have been drinking for over 30 years have a 20-30% chance of not developing a bone fracture.

This study coincides with past studies that have suggested there is a link between bone density and habitual tea drinking. This is especially true for women. The research is not conclusive however; there are other factors that may be at play. For example, tea drinking may not actually affect your bone health so much as it affects your concentration or routine, and puts you at less risk of accidentally injuring yourself. The answer will be found in further research. But this is still great news for tea drinkers. Now you have more reasons to grab a cup of steaming hot chai in your insulated tumbler!

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