The Reason Why MCT Oil Is Popular Across Many Diets

MCT oil is a supplement, that is extracted from coconut oil. It is utilized in a lot of different diet plans. It is typically added to concoctions like smoothies, salad dressings, coffee, etc. The name, MCT, is an abbreviation for medium chain triglyceride. It contains medium length chains of triglycerides, which are healthy fats. The shorter length fat chains are…

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Here’s What Teens Should Eat to Keep Obesity Away And Stay Fit


Obesity is now a common problem throughout the world. As much as it affects adults, obesity affects children and teens too. In fact, this is a very critical problem that leads to a lower quality of life amongst adolescents and several problems later in life. Obesity also affects liver health. Here are some foods teens should consider including in their…

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Rooibos Tea: A drink that helps lose weight and sleep better


Rooibos tea (pronounced “roy-boss”), is one of the rising stars of the health and wellness world. It has lots of benefits that are responsible for its rise to fame. Most predominantly,rooibos tea helps you to lose weight and get a real good night sleep. This tea hails from South Africa. It is caffeine-free, delicious, and full of antioxidants. It actually…

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