Fact or Myth: An Alcoholic Drink a Day Increases a Person’s Risk of Cancer


You are probably already aware of the major cancer-causing consumables out there. Most people know to stay away from cigarettes, processed foods, and sugary dishes. But many people do not realize that alcohol also has the ability to raise your risk of obtaining cancer. This may be surprising considering how many articles seem to popup every day exclaiming the merits…

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Gluten Consumption in Kids: How it Can be a Cause for Celiac Disease Later On.

Celiac Disease

You may have noticed recently that a glucose intolerance epidemic seems to be on the rise. Many people are finding it harder and harder to enjoy a nice barbecue, because they have to take into consideration the gluten tolerance of their guests. Planning any kind of eating event is becoming increasingly distressing because people don’t seem to be born with…

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