Why Amla Powder is a Miracle Food Ingredient


There many trees and herbs bestowed to us by nature. Each of them has wonderful health benefits. Long before modern medical science came into existence countries like China and India used nature’s gifts to cure simple to serious ailments. One such ingredient is Amla also known as Phyllanthus emblica. It is one of the oldest known fruit, at least 5000 years! Amla is also considered sacred in India. However, it is the medical benefits that place Amla in the healthiest food list. It is best to consume in a powdered form.

Rich source of Vitamin C

We need Vitamin C for the growing and repairing our body tissues. Vitamin C is an essential protein that is beneficial to skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. It can also help in healing wounds. Amla which is one of the best source of Vitamin C could be included in the daily diet. Mix it with jaggery for additional benefits.

Remedy for tummy troubles

If you are prone to frequent pains because of ulcers or constipation, amla powder is a good source of home remedy. You can mix a teaspoon of Amla powder in warm water and have it on an empty stomach. Amla powder helps in reducing the stomach acid levels. For weight watchers, it aids in burning calories and eliminates unwanted toxins, salts, and uric acid.

Remedy for healthy hair and skin

A lot of people face hair fall problems and acne. The reasons can be stress or underlying health causes. Having Amla powder every day can help in reducing the hair fall. You can take 1 tsp twice daily with warm water after meals. Amla powder also improves skin pigmentation and reduces inflammation. If you do not have time to have it on specific timings add it to a glass of fresh juice or sprinkle them on fruits for best results.

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