Worried About Malnutrition in Kids? Here’s What You Can Include in Their Daily Diet


It is natural to worry about your child’s nutrition. Malnutrition can cause some serious health consequences, like loss of bone density, loss of teeth, a weakened immune system, etc. That being said, it isn’t too hard to figure out a good diet to keep your child well nourished. At its core, a healthy diet for your child works on the same principles as a healthy diet as an adult’s. All people need the same nutrients, like vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, protein, and fat. The major difference between an adult’s dietary needs and a child’s dietary needs is the amount of nutrients they need.

Below, are some good guidelines to help you guarantee that you properly nourish your child. Try to make your child’s diet include these nutrient dense foods.


Pick any type of common protein like seafood, poultry, lean meat, eggs, peas, soy products, beans, unsalted nuts, and seeds.


Fruits are filled with essential vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin A. These two vitamins keep your immune system strong and fortified. Fruit also has lots of dietary fiber and can help your child eat good portion sizes. Make sure to stick to whole, organic, fresh fruits. Try to avoid sugary laden canned fruits.


Absolutely make sure not to skimp on the fresh vegetables when it comes to your child’s nutrition. Vegetable has many of the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs. Try to stick to fresh or frozen veggies and avoid the canned variety. The canned variety often have excess sodium included in them.


Dairy is very important for children because it has lots of calcium, which is important for developing bones. That includes building strong teeth.

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