What Does a Flavonoid-Rich Diet Look Like?

Flavonoid-Rich Diet

Flavonoids are essential compounds that the body absolutely cannot do without. They come from the phytonutrients found in plants – they are responsible for the plants’ coloring. The flavonoids they provide are filled with antioxidants which have lots and lots of necessary health benefits. Antioxidants play a key role in killing free radicals that cause cancer. They are also responsible for preventing certain other chronic conditions, such as diabetes and osteoporosis. Although flavonoids come from plants and plant-based foods, not all fruits and veggies have the same level of flavonoids. Below ae some of the best foods to include in a flavonoid rich diet.

Flavonoid Rich foods to Include in Your Diet


Many berries are high in flavonoids and antioxidants, especially the red, blue, and purple kind. There is an old adage when it comes to berries that, “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice”. Although this saying is targeted at the taste of berries, it also applies to their flavonoid content. Generally speaking, the darker and riper a berry is, the higher its flavonoid count is.

Tree Fruits

Fruits that come from trees are pretty consistently high in flavonoids. And there is a wide variety of different flavonoids available depending on the fruit you eat. Bananas have cyanidin and delphinidin, while citrus has hesperetin, eriodictyol, and naringenin for example. Each antioxidant has its own unique health benefit.


Just about all veggies contain a large amount of flavonoids, especially green and red vegetables. Members of the nightshade family, like peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes are particularly high in flavonoids as well.


Spices are always good for infusing your food with health benefits. Although the quantity is small, the consistency of application makes up for it. Through the judicious use of spices, you can guarantee that flavonoids are included in all of your meals.

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