The Truth About Artificial Sugar Substitutes


The quest for good health has always started with eating well. And the holy grail of eating well is having something just as tasty to eat as it is healthy. Unfortunately, it’s hard to have your cake and eat it too; often times the healthiest ingredients are the least pleasant tasting (if only kale could taste like cake). People have tried all kinds of ways to get around this restriction of nature. The 21st century attempt has been using science to create artificial sweeteners, so you can have that sweet sugary taste without the negative consequences. But like most things which are too good to be true, artificial sweeteners are not all what they seem.

What does ‘Sugar-Free’ mean – First and foremost, people often interpret the label “sugar free” as meaning low calorie. But most often, companies have to replace the sugar in their products with other ingredients that can add calories. This can lead to a misinterpretation of what you’re putting in your system. Research has also suggested that artificial sweeteners can also actually increase your appetite and lead to other health problems like raising your blood sugar level.

Shocking Facts About Sucralose –Some of the more popular artificial sweeteners like aspartame, the ingredient found in some popular brands, (DiabetiSweet, NutraSweet, Canderel, NatraSweet, Equal, and Spoonfuls) has been shown to have some gruesome side effects. They include everything from seizures, to tumors, to hallucinations. That’s already a bigger risk than just eating plane sugar.

Sucralose, the basis for Splenda is another misleading sweetener. New research has shown that consuming sucralose can lead to enlarging the kidneys, liver, and thymus gland. It can also cause panic attacks, skin rashes, diarrhea, bladder issues, headaches, and stomach pains – all scary symptoms.

Natural Alternatives for Sugar –If you need to sweeten up what you eat or drink, then you should consider using some natural alternatives. They still have a high glucose count, but they lack some of the crazy side effects that plague some of the artificial sweeteners. Honey, maple syrup, and molasses are not only natural, but they also have enough positive health benefits that outweigh the costs of consuming some glucose.

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