Top Diets to Reduce Abdominal Obesity


Abdominal obesity, or belly fat can be one of the hardest things to deal with in your weight loss journey. Belly fat can just be stubborn, because it’s one of the areas of the body that is hard to exercise effectively, and it’s the first area that fat tends to accumulate. Fortunately, there are some great diets you can adhere to help you focus on losing belly fat.

Low Sugar Diet

Monitoring your sugar intake is the first place you should start when attempting to lose belly fat. Sugar, the white and sweet stuff you put in your coffee, not the glucose found in fruits, is composed of half glucose and half fructose. Your liver can only metabolize a certain amount of fructose – when you overload the liver with fructose, the remainder of it is stored in your body as fat. It’s safe to say that added sugar makes up the majority of your belly fat for this reason and one simple and effective way to reduce belly fat would be to restrict the amount white sugar in your diet.

High Protein Diet

Protein is a macronutrient and is quite possibly the most important one for the weight loss process. It helps to reduce your cravings to eat food by up to 60%, boosts your metabolism, and lowers your need for calories. Not only is protein important for helping you to lose weight, but a long-time investment in a protein diet is great for helping you to avoid regaining the weight.

Low Carb Diet

Keeping to a low carb diet and focusing on carb restrictions is one of the most effective ways to lose your belly fat. Cutting carbs reduces your appetite so you don’t over eat. Low carb diets have also been proven to be more effective at losing fat than low fat diets. Eating a low carb diet also allows you to eat more than a calorie restricted low fat diet. This diet also helps to reduce your water weight, so your weight loss results are more distinguished. To successfully achieve a low carb diet, just focus on eliminating refined carbs like white bread, candy, and mainly sugar.

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