Top 5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During Holidays


The holidays can be a trying time for any person. It is a time when family and friends get together to enjoy each other’s company which can naturally lead to all types of situations; some good and some bad. Whatever your holiday get togethers are like – whether time spent with your friends and family is good or bad, your weight shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. After all, you shouldn’t have to be stressed out on two fronts. Unfortunately, the holidays can make managing your weight extremely difficult. Holiday food seems designed to destroy your diet and put on the pounds. If you are serious about maintaining your weight or even losing weight during the holidays, there are some things you can do to make sure that you come out of the holidays looking and feeling your best.

Drink Water
The most important thing to do during the holidays as far as weight management is concerned is to drink plenty of water. Water is essential to keeping your body functioning properly; that includes keeping your metabolism running at maximum capacity. Drinking water from a water bottle before and during meals can also help you feel satiated and eat less overall.

Keep Exercising
Failure to exercise is one of the mistakes people make the most during the holidays. Exercise doesn’t have to involve spending hours in the gym either. You just have to be active; any type of regulated physical activity will do. Go for a walk after dinner or do pushups when you have the time. Exercise will not only help you burn some calories, but it will keep your metabolism operating.

Eat High Fiber Foods
Eating foods that are high in fiber, like beans and leafy green vegetables can help to boost your metabolism and improve your digestive system processes.

Eat High Protein Foods
Protein intense foods like tofu, beans, or chicken are another great way to manage your weight. Your body doesn’t store protein like it does carbohydrates. Eating protein helps to lower your cholesterol and gives you long term energy that takes your body time to process. This leaves you feeling fuller longer.

Don’t Stress Yourself
One of the most important things to do during the holidays is to not stress yourself out. The holidays are the perfect time to utilize the stress techniques you’ve accumulated. Stress can have a drastic effect on your weight. It can cause over eating and result in you retaining more weight by affecting how your body stores fat.

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