Top 5 Kitchen Ingredients you can use for Scrubbing your Skin

A few of the popular items that sell like hotcakes are cosmetics. A lot of women have a busy schedule because they are multi-skilled and awesome beings and not everyone likes to spend on ‘beauty products’. So, in the process of being awesome, the skin care routine is neglected. You might cleanse and apply packs but may have been ignoring another important routine exfoliating. Hence, you can find a quick fix from your kitchen for scrubbing and keep your skin healthy, naturally.


You would be surprised how to salt made into the list of skincare routine. Well, if you would like the most available ingredient for your skin care, salt is the best. It can easily remove the dead cells from your skin as you gently scrub it thought out face and body.


Wherever the salt is, sugar has to be there. They are two ingredients that are mostly placed beside each other in the kitchen. You can’t replace it while you are cooking. However, for skin care routine if you pick sugar instead of salt, it’s okay. Some may find salt harsh, so sugar is a good replacement. The best part is you can also combine it with any fruit pulp.

Baking soda

Baking soda does wonders for our health and also for the skin because it is a versatile ingredient and easily available. If you scrub your face and body at least twice a week, it will help in removing the dark pigmentations and bring out the natural tone of your skin. It’s also suitable for all skin types.


This addictive ingredient must be included in the regular skin routine too. The coffee powder can make the skin firm because it consists of anti-aging properties. You can mix coffee a teaspoon of olive oil to moisturize as well.

Rice Flour

Rice flour is one of the basic ingredients used in India for many sweet dishes. Rice flour is one of the best exfoliators because of its coarseness and yet gentle on the skin. It is suitable for all skin types too.

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