Top 5 Foods to Keep Your Immune System Strong


Your immune system is extremely important. It is the first line in fighting off diseases and infections. Not only does it help to fight infections once you get them, but also helps to prevent infections from actually occurring. You can always strengthen your immune system by adjusting your diet.

Oranges and Lemons

Citrus fruits like oranges lemons, and limes are full of vitamin C. Vitamin C is often people’s first step towards fighting sickness after they catch a cold because vitamin C is known far and wide as an immune system booster. This reputation stems from the fact that vitamin C increases white blood cell production which are the backbone of the immune system. It is important to include vitamin C rich foods in your diet because your body doesn’t naturally produce it, so you can easily run low on it if you’re not careful.

Red Bell Peppers

Oranges and other citrus fruits are popular because they have a lot of vitamin C; but they are not on top of the ladder. Bell peppers have nearly twice as much vitamin C as citrus fruits. They also have a lot of beta carotene, which helps to keep your skin and eye healthy. The healthier your other organs stay, the healthier your overall immune system.


Broccoli is a great vegetable to help with the strength of your immune system. It is jam packed with essential vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, fiber, and antioxidants. The rawer you eat it, the more effective it is.


Garlic is a natural disinfectant, and anti-inflammatory so it can be used to treat your injuries. Garlic also has a large concentration of sulfur which contains allicin, a compound that can help to boost the immune system.


Ginger has a gold star when it comes to wellness. It has been used as a medicinal herb for hundreds of years. It is anti-inflammatory and has the ability to treat nausea. It also contains gingerol which is a close relation of capsaicin helping it to treat chronic pain.

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