Top 5 Foods to Include in your Diet to Manage Oily Skin


Oily skin can be a nightmare; it is one major cause for the ever-troubling acne and pimples. Your skin will also begin to lose its luster and suppleness when it becomes oily. The best way to combat this is to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. When your body lacks nutrients, it’s not able to properly remove toxins and irritations and they end up leaking out through your skin. Your skin also just begins to function less optimally. Don’t forget, your skin is an organ too, and needs all the extra care to function well. Your diet plays a major role in keeping your skin healthy and nourished. What you eat clearly reflects in your skin. Hydration is another important factor you need to count on. Always have a water bottle by your side, so you can sip water from.


This fruit is the king of skin treatments. Actually, this fruit may be the skin treatment Ace. Just about everything about grapefruit has some type of positive benefit for your skin. You can eat it or apply it to your skin directly and your skin will benefit. Grapefruit has vitamin C which is full of antioxidants that can increase your skin’s PH balance and stimulate collagen growth. The fruit also helps to absorb excess oil in your skin and serves to keep it hydrated.


Kale is quickly taking the health food community by storm because it just does so much good. It has massive amounts of essential vitamins, including vitamin A and C. Your body uses vitamin A to produce sebum oil which is needed to ward off oily skin. This wonderous green vegetable also promotes healthy skin growth and protects against cancer causing free radical damage.


Cucumbers are another vitamin A powerhouse. Not only do cucumbers contain the very essential vitamin, it also has high-water content which serves to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Cucumber also provide instant freshness to your skin.


Lentils don’t treat your skin directly, but they do a lot to regulate your digestive system because they are basically composed of protein and fiber. If your digestive system is acting up, it can cause your skin to produce excess oils as a response. Easting a well-nourished balanced diet will help in keeping the skin clear from pimples and acne.


Remember, good skin health depends on good over all nutrition. When your body is getting all the nutrients it needs, your skin will naturally reflect that. Avocadoes are great because they actually increase your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients. They are also full of fiber which can help with digestion and the removal of toxins and impurities that may leak out through your skin.

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