Top 5 Foods to Effectively Cure Your Hangover


It’s very easy to over consume while drinking and wake up with the dreaded hangover. Even if you do not drink too much, you can still suffer from a hangover the next day if your body doesn’t have the right nutrients and minerals. The best way to counteract a hangover is to immediately recalibrate your body by eating proper foods.

The first step to treating any hangover is correcting your body’s ability to absorb and retain water. One of the worst long-term effects of alcohol is its ability to impede the production of a hormone that is responsible for helping your body hold on to water. This leads to dehydration and electrolyte loss which is responsible for the headache you suffer from. This is where the mighty banana comes into play; bananas are great sources of potassium and sodium, minerals that contain electrolytes.

Alcohol is actually a toxin, and one of the reasons that you feel so awful after a night of drinking is that your body has not expelled the poison. This is in large part due to the fact that alcohol reduces your store of glutathione, an antioxidant responsible for breaking down the toxic by-products left by consuming alcohol. Eggs contain large quantities of cysteine, the amino acid that your body needs to produce glutathione. Now you know why you probably crave eggs (egg bhurji served warm from a casserole does sound like a great morning food, doesn’t it?)  after drinking too much.

Pickles are natural bar snacks just about all around the world. This is because pickles have sodium in them, which is a source of electrolytes. If you’re prone to getting hangovers, then you might want to start snacking on pickles while you eat. The salt you eat while drinking will go a long way to reducing your dehydration level. The brine in pickles, also helps to boost the efficiency of sodium.

Coconut Water
Coconut water is maybe an even better source of electrolytes than bananas. Not only is it a good source of electrolytes, but it is also very hydrating. When you’re hungover you want to get as much liquid back in your body as fast as possible. Water may not taste so good right after you wake up, so coconut water will make the process smoother.


Ginger addresses another part of the hangover; the nausea and motion sickness. When you consume ginger, you can directly reduce the amount of nausea you’re feeling. And it’s easy to include ginger in whatever you’re eating or drinking, ginger smoothie or tea is delightful right after you wake up.

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