Top 3 Reasons to Include Beetroot and Carrot Juice in your Diet


Beetroot and carrot juice are the newest in the family of healthy fruit juices. The beet has slowly climbed to the top and is now considered a superfood. And as a superfood it contains a wealth of benefits that makes it a worthwhile investment in your quest to eat healthy. One of the more amazing characteristics of this juice is that it avoids the unsatisfying taste that normally accompanies supremely healthy foods. Beetroot and carrots are both very sweet vegetables, so there is no need to add sweeteners, not even honey. Just pour the juice in an insulated tumbler and start sipping!

Detoxifying Agent

Beetroot and carrot juice have very powerful detoxifying abilities thanks to the betaine that is present inside the beets. This is fantastic for the liver and its overall functionality. When toxins are removed from the liver, the liver’s load is lessened, and it is able to contribute more to the other functions of the body. The carrot juice works in tandem with the beetroot juice to actually remove the toxins from the body that were purged from the liver.

Metabolic Booster

Beetroots and carrots both have the ability to alleviate constipation through stimulating the metabolic system. They contain Phyto-nutrients which boost the digestive system’s functionality. This keeps your body functioning properly and your bowel movements healthy. It also contributes to the ability of beetroot and carrot juice to detoxify the body.

Improves Blood Flow

Blood flow is one of the most important aspects of the body that determines your overall health. It affects every other part of the body because it is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen to all the organs inside the body. Beets are a nitrate food. This compound helps the arteries to relax and increases the efficiency of blood circulation.

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