The Best Recipes for Making Happy Vegetable Meals

It is always tough to make your family eat vegetables. You always have to struggle to get your kids to eat vegetables at the dining table. Vegetables and fruits are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins which are required for the functioning of the body. Furthermore, they also help the body stay healthy and strengthen the immune system. As you can see, the benefits of vegetables are many!

Here are some tips and recipes that involve the use of vegetables and will turn the meal time into a happy time!

Tips for Happy Vegetable Meals

  • Pasta: Children love to eat pasta and by adding cheese sauce, you can make vegetables more palatable for the kids. Add vegetables like corn and peas into the pasta and combine with the sauce. Sweet potato can also be added to the pasta. So, here is your healthy pasta loaded with vegetables!
  • Serve vegetables in a smoothie: Every one of us enjoys smoothies during breakfast or as a dessert. Adding vegetables to smoothies is a great way to provide for the daily requirements of fruits and vegetables. Add avocados, carrot, and cucumber in a smoothie to make it much healthier.
  • Pizza: Everyone loves pizza! The next time you are making pizza, do not forget to add vegetables like capsicum, corn, tomatoes, onions, and zucchini to the pizza.
  • Veggie Dessert: You can add zucchini to brownies which will not be detected by your family and will be enjoyed by everyone.
  • You can make a custard to which a whole lot of fruits can be added such as apples, oranges, bananas, and peaches. It will be relished by one and all!
  • You can add vegetables to a burger. Try stuffing carrots, onions, and peas along with potatoes into the stuffing of the burger.

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