The Best Foods to Eat to Treat Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most devastating and dreaded diseases around the world. TB is a highly infectious disease. A person contracts TB when they come into contact with the bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. People typically come into contact with TB the same way that they contract any other cold or infection; people spread germs via sneezing, coughing, not washing their hands, etc. TB is not immediately fatal; its typical symptoms are weight loss, night sweats, weakness, shortness of breath etc. Basically, the same symptoms you would expect from a severe flu. But when left untreated, TB will begin to affect your lungs and make it so that you are unable to breathe to the point that you eventually die.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that malnourishment is one of the risk factors for contracting and developing TB. You cannot underestimate the power of good nutrition in preventing and treating TB. This should not be surprising considering that the strength of the immune system is highly dependent on your body having access to the proper vitamins and minerals. Read on to see what foods you should include in your diet to help treat tuberculosis.

Anti-Tuberculosis Foods

Calorie dense foods

Consuming calorie and nutrient rich foods are essential when dealing with TB. Weight loss is a major problem for TB patients. Too much weight loss can exacerbate your situation.

Foods with Vitamin A, C, and E

You can typically find these vitamins in fresh fruits and veggies. They are essential for boosting your immune system and fighting against the TB infection.

Protein rich foods

TB patients need the B complex vitamins that are found in protein heavy foods such as, nuts, fish, seeds, chicken, and whole grain cereals.

Lots of zinc

You need zinc to keep your blood production optimal to help with your recovery.

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