Quarantine Diet for Weight Loss


The Corona virus has the majority of us trapped inside for the indefinite future. Staying inside for so long is bad enough on the nerves, and it is only made worst by how easy putting on weight becomes when you can’t go outside. A lot of people have taken to ordering take out and have slacked off on their fitness routines due to the lack of gym access. COVID-19 has enough uncertainties about our future status to go around. You don’t have to make weight gain one of them, even if you can’t go to the gym. All you have to do to manage your weight successfully while under quarantine is to put in a little more effort and attention into your diet. You can eat in a way that keeps the pounds off so you’re ready with your summer look by the time we are all allowed to go outside.

Step 1 – Pick a plan and stick with it

The first step to choosing a good quarantine diet is to pick a diet plan and stick to it. Routine is going to be your saving grace during this period of isolation. Once you develop a routine, you will be able to use all of your time effectively. You will also be able to regulate your cravings and make sure you’re only eating what you should be eating. Make sure the diet plan that you choose has healthy fats, healthy carbs, good proteins, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Step 2 – Maintain an eating schedule

Whatever you decide to make your quarantine diet, you want to make sure you’re eating at a set time every day. It doesn’t have to be the exact same time, but the more regular you can be about it, the better. Maintaining set eating times will also help you to regulate your sleep schedule and other activities which will also help you regulate your weight.

Step 3 – Keep Hydrated

Staying hydrated will not only keep your body functioning optimally, but it will also help to prevent hunger cravings from forming. It’s not uncommon for thirst to be mistaken for hunger. Drinking water will also help you cut down on drinking sugary drinks that can easily cause you to put on unwanted weight.

Step 4 – Decrease your intake of refined carbs and sugars

There are good carbs and there are bad carbs; the same holds true for sugar. Bad carbs are the refined kind such as, white bread, pasta, doughnuts, and cakes. The good kind of carbs are the kind that are high in dietary fiber. They retain the majority of their nutrients, unlike refined carbs, and keep you fuller for a longer period of time. They also help you to regulate your bowel movements and keep your system in check. 

Step 5 – Consume nuts and seeds

 Nuts and seeds are an essential part of a good quarantine diet, because they’re mostly composed of protein and dietary fiber. They also contain a hefty amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them an all-around great quarantine food. Its best to include these with a meal as a type of supplement. Add some nuts and seeds to your favorite salad or smoothie for example.

Step 6 – Eat healthy snacks

There’s no getting around it; no matter how disciplined you are, you’re going to find yourself snacking during this quarantine period. It’s just an inevitable part of human nature. Instead of fighting it, and getting down on yourself for succumbing to the urge, just make sure you’re snacking on healthy things. Make your own homemade trail mix or cut up fresh fruit to make snacks that are not only delicious, but also healthy. You have a lot of options out there, just try your best to avoid eating chips and candy. Basically, refrain from eating any fried foods or foods that utilize refined sugars. Keep your snacks wholesome and healthy, and you will go a long way towards keeping the weight off.

Step 7 – Be active

Although you’re stuck at home, you should still try your best to stay somewhat active. Get up and walk around as frequently as possible. Take small walks while maintaining a safe distance or do some pushups or squats to just get the blood flowing and work your digestive system up.

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