Meats That Are Healthy to Consume Every Day


Generally speaking, meat occupies a controversial space in the world of health and wellness. Researchers and experts tend to go back and forth on whether or not eating meat is good or bad for you. The truth is, the answer is not very simple. How healthy meat is for you is dependent on the type of meat, how the meat is prepared, and the quantity of meat you are eating with each serving – the subject of meat can get really complicated.

Although there are a lot of factors determining how healthy eating meat is, there are several meats that are more or less safe to consume daily. This is fortunate because protein is a vital part of any diet, as it is responsible for building tissue, repairing cells, regulating the digestive system, and much more. Read on to learn about the meats that you can eat every day in a beneficial way.

Meats That Can Be Consumed Daily


Poultry includes just about any domesticated type of fowl, such as, chicken, turkey, geese, and ducks. Generally speaking, poultry has a high bio availability level. Bio availability is how well your body can make use of protein. So long as poultry is prepared right, it is lean and won’t raise your cholesterol or result in excessive weight gain. 


Fish is filled with healthy fats, that your body absolutely needs, especially because fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. It can be eaten every day and won’t raise your cholesterol or cause you to put on weight.


Some people may not consider eggs to be a meat product, but they are the best source of protein available. The cholesterol content in eggs do not affect your cholesterol levels, and eating eggs has been shown to improve your heart health and lower the risk of developing diabetes.

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