Fad Diets – Their Advantages and Disadvantages.


A fad diet is a diet or eating plan that gains rapid popularity. They’re called fad diets because they are riding the waves of a trend. You may be hearing about them from a multitude of sources like television, magazines, friends, and family. Fad diets range far in wide; there’s a new one for everyone. Some of them focus on drinking only lemon or grape juice and others focus on eating only meat. The thing that they all have in common however, is that they all offer some type of rapid weight loss that will happen in a manner of weeks.

While most fad diets do actually give you some results, this is normally only in the beginning. Most of them will help you lose weight rapidly, but it will not last. It is normally only a matter of time before you begin to put back on the weight. This is primarily because fad diets are unsustainable. You can’t live off solely drinking sugar free lemonade. This means when the diet is over, you inevitably return back to your original eating style – the style that helped you put on all that weight in the first place.

Fad diets are really only good for helping you to lose weight quickly for a special occasion. Next time you have an emergency vacation coming up and need to fit into that bikini or need to get into a dress on short notice, consider one of the many fad diets. But if you’re looking for long term successful weight loss then you want to actually commit to a good diet and exercise program. You can even borrow some of the methodology and theories of some of the better fad diets, so long as you make sure to make a balanced eating program.

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