The Magic of Bath Salts – Everything from Body Scrubs to Footcare


Bathing is one of the necessities of human life; after all, cleanliness is next to godliness as they say. It has a central role in all of our lives, because if we do not clean ourselves, we will succumb to all manner of disease. For some people, bathing is as simple as getting your body wet and scrubbing yourself down with soap. But for others who have explored the bath to its highest realms, bathing is a chance to revitalize and rejuvenate your body. These people have discovered the magical world of bath salts.

The misinformed may just think bath salts are a fragrant indulgence that makes your water smell like roses. But in their ultimate form, they are actually a medicinal product. They transform your plain bath from a tub full of water to a tub full of aromatic medicine. With the proper mixture of bathing salts, you will be able to infuse your skin with all manner of nutrients, minerals, and herbal benefits: calcium, magnesium, bromide, potassium, sodium, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc. Make your own homemade bath salt mixture with seat salt, Epsom salt and a small quantity of baking soda. Additionally, you can add a few drops of essential oil to turn your bath fragrant.

Bath Salt Purposes

Bathing salts can be used to treat many different conditions and handle various medicinal practices.

You can create a paste utilizing fine salt grains in your bath. You will be able to massage your skin and remove all of your dead skin cells. This will leave your skin feeling refreshed, smooth, and extremely clean.

Natural Scrub
Bath salt pastes can be combined with essential oils to create a medicinal type scrub where you gain the benefits of the essential oils. Your bath essentially becomes a spa.

Foot bath
You can even make a footbath using bath salts if you don’t have enough time to take an entire bath. Mix Epsom salt and rose oil into a basin to scrub and massage your feet. This is especially wonderful in the summer when you’ve been traipsing around in sandals all day.

Make your own makeshift salt bag or pouch.

The best way to spread bath salts evenly throughout your bath is to use a salt pouch. Fill about a 7 x 7 in cloth with a few tbsp of your favorite bath salt mixture and seal the cloth. Make sure the cloth is porous, like a cheese cloth or loosely woven cotton. Fill the tub up with warm water and then swirl the bag around inside the tub, letting the salt dispense throughout the water.


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