Did you Know What you Eat can Affect your Body Odor?


Like so many other things in life, you are what you eat. This law holds true even in the realm of body odor. Almost everyone has experienced this when eating intense odor enhancing foods like garlic. Sometimes what we eat just seeps out of our pores and invades the atmosphere. The science behind our diet and odor is actually rather deep and profound. There are a lot of foods that can affect your body odor:

This herb has a natural pungent aroma caused by its allyl methyl sulfide content. When you pile it on your food it may take a while for your body to fully metabolize them and remove them from your system. When this happens the garlic odor can leak out of your pores in the form of “garlic sweat”.

Red Meat

Research has suggested that the fat content in red meat is capable of altering the chemical makeup of the sweat produced in your armpits. The bacteria that is present on your skin produces a particular pungent odor as it eats the fatty acids present in the sweat.

Some people are genetically incapable of breaking down the chemical compound trimethylamine found in fish, eggs, and certain vegetables. This can result in your body producing a fishy smell. After this compound builds up in your intestines it may be released through your urine, semen, breath, and sweat.

Cruciferous Vegetables
Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can produce a sulfur type odor if your body is not able to effectively process them. This can produce a rotten egg type smell in your body seat.

Green Vegetables
If you’re finding your body odor to be difficult to manage, you may want to consider increasing the amount of green vegetables in your diet. The chlorophyll present in greens actually has the ability to neutralize body odor.

Gut Health

Foods that are natural probiotics like yogurt can also help neutralize an offensive body odor by helping you digest the foods you’ve eaten.

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