Karva Chauth Fast During Pregnancy: Here are a Few Points to Consider

Karva Chauth is an important part of Indian culture and is celebrated by women observing a fast for the long lives of their husbands. It is celebrated especially in North India. While many fasts can be observed consuming fruits, drinking fluids, and nuts, the Karva Chauth is special as women do not drink or eat from sunrise to sunset. However, what if you are pregnant? Many traditions prohibit pregnant women from adhering to such fasts. We highly recommend seeking your doctor’s opinion before you observe the Karva Chauth fast since it is extremely important to stay hydrated during pregnancy. Fasting, if not permitted by your doctor, can have adverse effects on the health of baby. Remember that your baby is your utmost priority and you should always take your doctor’s consent before following any religious practices that can have adverse effects. 

Important tips to remember

If your doctor permits you to observe Karva Chauth fast, remember the following tips and stay hydrated.

  • You can take fruits, nuts, and hydrating fluids. However, if you feel any dizziness or have a nauseating feeling during the fast, do not ignore such symptoms and rush to your doctor immediately.
  • If you do not consume water, opt for milk and fruit juices as it is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated during pregnancy. 
  • Sargi or the meal before sunrise should be taken by opting for healthier eating options so that you can observe the fast better. Include coconut water, fresh fruits, and do not consume sweets or caffeine-containing beverages.
  • Stay relaxed and calm if you observe the fast. Do not indulge in activities that require a lot of energy.
  • You must understand that you must never follow any religious practices blindly and pregnancy is the time when your baby holds the utmost importance. Therefore, always consult your doctor before observing a fast. 

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